When WFG Board of Directors member Ed Mylett was growing up, he never dreamed he'd be a powerhouse in the financial services industry. His initial dream was to play major league baseball, but an injury squelched an athletic future. After working so hard on that dream for so many years, he wasn't sure what to do next with his life.

"Looking back on it, I don't think I really wanted to be a baseball player," Ed said. "I just wanted to be successful. I wanted people to know who I was."

As a young boy, Ed yearned for the spotlight. He grew up in Diamond Bar, Calif., the city next to where he lives now, as the only boy in his family, with three younger sisters.

"I watched my father work very hard," he said. "He really engrained the tradition of hard work and character in me."

Ed decided very young that if he was going to work for something, it was going to be his own business - he was not going to work for 15 to 20 years building another man's dreams.

His wife Kristianna shares that vision. Her father was an engineer who worked hard so her mother didn't have to. Instead, Kristianna's mother stayed home with her six children. More on Ed Mylett...

Quick Facts
World Financial Group (WFG) - Ed Mylett


WFG TITLE: Member of Board of Directors

HOMETOWN: Diamond Bar, Calif.

CURRENT RESIDENCE: Chino Hills, Calif.

BIRTHDAY: April 27

FAMILY: Wife, Kristianna, and two children

PREVIOUS CAREER: Youth Counselor

HOBBIES: Playing golf, weight lifting and attending comedy clubs.

LITTLE-KNOWN FACT: To put himself through college, Ed used to bust a move as a member of a dance club's promotions team.